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Re: KDE questions

On Jun 07, Dan Brosemer wrote:
> OpenSSH is an attempt to make SSH free software, not to de-GNU-ify it.  The
> reason it's under a BSD-esque license is because that's the license Tatu
> Ylonen put SSH 1.1.12 under (that was the starting point for OpenSSH).
> Nobody's going through any trouble to de-GNU-ify anything.

Actually, they took a release of SSH that had both BSD and GPL code,
and removed the GPLed code (technically, dependencies on GPLed code).
Hence, it was de-GNU-ified as well as freed.

>From http://lwn.net/1999/1028/a/openssh.html, a press release from the
OpenBSD project:

"All proprietary code in the original distribution was replaced, along
with some libraries burdened with the restrictive GNU Public License
(GPL). Much of of the actual cryptographic code was replaced by calls
to the crypto libraries built into OpenBSD. The source code is now
completely freely re-useable, and vendors are encouraged to re-use it
if they need ssh functionality."

(Never mind that they misidentify the GPL.)


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