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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

>Ian McKellar <yakk-debian-devel@yakk.net.au> writes:
>> We have a responsibility to our users to respect their rights and protect
>> them to the extent that we can.
>Aargh! <emph>I, as a user, request to be respected, and not protected
>from anything just because some group considers it harmful.</emph>

i guess debian-developers are not ``protecting'' you but, as the
resolution suggest, ``not doing''...
and if you need netscape, go to www.netscape.com to download a tar
ball, if you need jdk, go to java.sun.com for a tar ball, and if
you're luck there could be someone build a deb ``protecting'' you
on their own site somewhere... your box is yours, the resolution
as i understand, didn't force anything on YOUR BOX, but wanna
to enforce DEBIAN the distribution, and as you're using non-free,
there are alreay software (non-free) outside DEBIAN the distro on
your box, right?
so if the resolution succeed, they rm non-free, but what on earth
have changed to you???? your box is yours, anyways, DEBIAN is

>I can relate to protecting people from nuclear radiation, but do not
>dig protecting someone that can think for himself from porn, drugs or
>non-free software. Distributing or using these things may be immoral,
>by some standard, but IMHO forcing those standard on people is not
>ethically sound.
>All in all, people should be able to choose on equal grounds. This is
>all about freedom, remember?

i have my freedom to be a slave, so away from me. (okay, i know
this is too much serious.. heheh. just that FREEDOM, oh gee,
don't you get it???)


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