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Re: RBL report..

On Wed, 29 March 2000 01:57:45 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> I'm not the only person here who thinks so.  Make Debian use all the
> blacklists you want.  You'll find users and developers dropping like
> flies.

If everything else fails, this is the best argument to bring
up, really. Tell me why I should listen to you. It's the way
of argueing and (probably) not shouting and what not.

You are making a fool of yourself for bringing up this
argument, but that is just me.

btw - if you really need to find a smarthost that is working
well I doubt you have to search for a long time. Mail is not
just mail and I can imagine many "specials" for those like you
that need a decent smarthost. It is just the right configuration 
on a random MTA, all can do it. There are possibilities, after

But I will not argue with you like before. pmyp.


Artificial Intelligence stands no chance against Natural Stupidity.
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