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Re: RBL report..

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 09:17:46AM +0200, Alexander Koch wrote:
> > Yes there is more spam, but I've been looking and I haven't seen that much
> > (if any at all) would be blocked by DUL.
> I personally think the DUL is "most harmless" RBL and the "most
> legitimate" (bad wording probably) for use. And if it only catches
> on spam a week it is worth it, methinks.

Yeah - too bad blacklists your average linux installation right?  And even
your average linux user who knows how to set up a proper smarthost more
often than not knows better.  (Let pacbell.net's shoody NT mail server
route MY mail?  NOT LIKELY!)

DUL listed my own (STATIC!) IP until a week ago.  I complained loudly to
the people responsible and was told by the idiots at pacbell that of
course the DSL IPs were listed in the DUL - they wanted you to use their
servers since that's what they provide them for.  Application of a cluebat
was necessary, I'm told that none of the static IP DSL users are DUL
listed anymore.

So there's at least a margin of error.  And don't you EVEN TRY to tell me
that if I don't like my ISP that I should get another.  There are an awful
lot of people out there who simply CAN'T DO THAT.  Expecting them to is
even more of an example of just how wrong the DUL is from its beginning.

RSS and RBL at least are measures taken to combat known spammer friendly
sites.  DUL discriminates on what kind of connection you supposedly have.
ORBS is just rediculous.

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