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Re: Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Marcus Brinkmann (Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de) wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 04:06:01PM -0500, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> > our biggest handicap is that we're always a year behind everyone else. being
> > a year behind is suicide in any industry.
> The simple fact you are missing is that Debian is not an industry.
> Don't make the same mistakes as the industry. Making last minute changes and
> rushing in x.0 versions of critical software is just Plain Wrong.
> Especially the Linux kernels are often very unstable 'til x.12 or 14.

i'm fully cogniscient of the fact that debian is not an industry. but it is
used in the industry. i use it in the industry. i reccomend debian to all my
clients and friends. debian is also representational of linux and free
software. we have a responsibility to our ideals.

> Everytime a new version of the kernel is released the same story. Sigh.

i don't really feel that this issue pertains specifically to the kernel, or
X, or apache. it has much more to do with the fact that our release practice
makes it impossible to have Good Software Now. we spend all of our time
fixing bugs in our pre-packaged software while the upsteam folks make the
software we packaged better. we end up with sub-standard software that
installs very well. i believe we have a responsibility to our users and
eachother to release more often. i'm asking for comments and ideas on how to
make this work.

yes, we do have to test the kernel. that's true of everything we package.
but i don't want it to be another 12 months before debian ships with what
the rest of the community considers a standard kernel. i want to use the new
features of the kernel as soon as they are ready. i want provide fast,
dynamic websites on SMP servers. i want to have a better looking desktop
than the NT guys. i want to help prove that free software can do all of
these things and that you don't have to be a huge corporation (or inflated
IPO) to make it happen.

> Thanks,
> Marcus


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