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Re: Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 01:57:49PM -0500, SCOTT FENTON wrote:
> OK, Linus has just put out 2.3.51, the next patch will be a pre-2.4 one.
> To avoid the problems we've had with slink not being 2.2, I reccomend
> that, even if it's not the default, we include a 2.4 /binary/ in potato.
> You could even put a note in the potato release notes saying you don't
> reccomend putting it on, but please /please/ PLEASE put potato out with
> a 2.4, or even pre-2.4 binary.

What problems have we have with slink not being 2.2? I don't see any. In
fact, I protest profusely, since 2.4 will require a great deal of work to
work out the pcmcia kinks. There is nothing wrong with 2.2. What I want is
2.2.15 in potato, nothing more.

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