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Re: Packages removed from frozen

>>"David" == David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e53cd.dhcp.okstate.edu> writes:

 >> However, this is not a dispensation that should be lightly
 >> given. Bootstrapping from scratch should be kept to a bare minimum of
 >> preinstalled packages -- the build essentials.

 David> What do you mean "dispensation"?

        In other words, as far as possible programs should be
 buildable from source, unless that is impossible, and in which
 case some extra steps should be required: asking for permissin and
 inclusio in teh security FAQW do not seem to be too onerous.

 David> You're trying to add a special rule that programs can't
 David> build-depends themselves,

        Yes, and no. Yes, we can make such a rule, and no, that is not
 what I said. Any package that can't be built from sources should
 either be a part of build depends, or on a short list of allowed
 packages, and genrally, this is to be deprecated because of security

 David> which isn't found or implied anywhere in the DFSG or Social
 David> Contract. In fact, it contradicts the Social Contract, which
 David> says we will support our users.

        Take a deep breath, and come off the hihg horse. I was amongst
 those that contributed to the discussion that lead to Bruce writing
 and polishing the DFSG. (BTW, policy does state we can exclude things
 if "their distribution would conflict with other project policies.",
 over and beyond the DFSG. So your high dudgeon is misplaced.)

 David> Do I think bootstrapping compilers is wise? No. But I do think that
 David> it's unfair and foolish for Debian to stop supporting them for 
 David> arbitrary reasons. If Debian has the maintainers to support, there
 David> is no reason not to include them.

        Then they should be marked as potential security risks, and we
 should tell our users about them. 

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