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Re: Packages removed from frozen

* Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) [000210 15:30]:
> On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 12:52:24PM +0100, Samuel Tardieu wrote:
> > Manoj,
> > it appears clearly that the readers of debian-devel cannot cope with your
> > unique experience in security and system auditing. I guess that it must
> > be extremely painful for you to deal with such morons who appear not to
> > agree with you because they are just clueless.
> Ummm. You do realise that basically everyone agrees on the essential issue
> here now? (Things that compile themselves are inconvenient, but certainly
> aren't going to be removed, and things that build-depend on themselves
> unnecessarily are bad, and should be fixed or at least documented somehow)
> At this point everyone's just flaming each other because no one
> particularly wants to apologise, and everyone wants to see an apology. Or
> at least, that's my take.

You are speaking very true words here. Everybody should calm down and realize

I for my part will start with apologizing to everybody that I just followed 
the flamewar for the last few days and didn't try to mediate even so I 
pretty quickly saw that everybody was just misunderstanding each other. 
I think I thought people would hash it out more quickly and that it would
lead to more people what Manoj wants instead a lot of egos got hurt. 
I am sorry for that.

But now it is time to put oil on troubled waters and to be friends again.

Manoj we know that your intentions are good and I very much support your 
ideas. You just have the same problem I have when trying to convey (new)
ideas that you have been brooding about to others for the first time.
Your wording tends to be a bit to extreme for people that don't know 
about the line of thought behind your idea.

To the others: you've been trying to split hairs over what Manoj has
or hasn't said in whatever way. Please try keep in mind two things:
1. Manoj is just trying to improve Debian and investing a lot of his
   spare time working on improving Debian in various ways that are not 
   necessarily visible to you and has done so for a long time. I still 
   remember the time when Shimon and I welcomed him as a new Debian 
   developer and I set his account up on master.
2. For Manoj and many others English is not their first language and 
   possibly not even the second language so disecting how somebody
   is expressing someting is foolish, even if that person is proud
   of his command of the English language. I know that I am proud of 
   my command of the English language but I am also aware of my 
   deficiencies. It is easily possible for me to not get some nuances
   in a text at a native speaker might get or that I'll not use the 
   right wording and overshoot which might then in turn be misunderstood.

So please everybody calm down and get your senses back, we are all here 
to work towards a common goal. Not world domination :-) but to create the
best distribuion there is.


former Debian master maintainer,
Debian alumnus.

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