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Re: Packages removed from frozen

>>"Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

 Rob> Is this really a release-critical bug?  It's just the nature of the
 Rob> rscheme package.  You can't build rscheme unless rscheme is
 Rob> installed.  That will probably be fixed in the future, but at most,
 Rob> I'd think it's wishlist.  Further, the message that you get from
 Rob> debian/rules when you try to build without rscheme installed should
 Rob> explain why things failed.

 Rob> Granted a Build-Depends would be better, and I'll add that, but I
 Rob> don't see why this is release critical, or why it warrants removal.  
 Rob> I'm downgrading this to wishlist, and I think that rscheme should be
 Rob> restored to frozen.

        Could one reason be that it can't be built from source? I have
 considered being able to build from sourfe an important feature (I
 really envy the install .src.rpm in a standard place; and rebuild
 as simply as rpm --rebuild feature of rpm)


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