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Re: Mesa3.1 breaks more than just NURBS (was: Re: Where is libgl?)

On Fri, Jan 07, 2000 at 12:03:55PM +0100, Filip Van Raemdonck wrote:
> > > It's 3.1's fault, just buggy NURBS code.
> > Now Quake is free software (GPL'd in fact) and I will be greatly upset if
> > people can't even install it just because one feature you use in Mesa
> > happens to be broken in the current release.
> Well, I am using the matrox/nvidia/ati/... glx driver. They've switched
> to mesa3.1 when it was even in beta stage a few months ago, and I've
> decided then not to update anymore because I play xracer quite often -
> and it got broken with mesa3.1 because of assumed misuse of display
> lists - so I kept with a build from middle of september.
> Now since xracer is in a rewrite, and with mesa3.1 coming out of beta, I
> decided to switch over to a new build. This had a few nasty side effects
> on the glx quakeworld (both self built from source and the older
> binaries):
> - gl_ztrick broke (known issue)

gl_ztrick was a dirty hack.  I'm not surprised it was broken.  It has
PROBABLY been fixed in Mesa 3.2 by now.  I'll try to backport the fix if
it is truly necessary.  I think it's probably wiser just to default
gl_ztrick to 0 and if it works for you turn it on for about 1-3fps better

> - console transparency broke

I noticed that..  I think WE broke that, but I'm looking in to it.

> - gl_flashblend broke
> - quake just got slower (dropped from 29.2 fps consistently to 25.3,
> also consistently).
> So I wouldn't really say that just one feature broke in Mesa 3.1 -
> unless off course these problems are all caused by the glx driver and
> not mesa ;-)

I was unaware of gl_flashblend being broken, I will attempt to figure out
what exactly that does and does not do.

QuakeForge dropped dramatically in FPS when I upgraded to 2.2.14, I have
no idea why.  Please realize what's in the archive is 0.0.9 (0.1.0-pre
actually but dpkg can't handle such things)  If you're getting any of
those problems with the version in CVS (some of them I know you're getting
like gl_ztrick and console transparency) I will try to resolve them and
possibly backport the necessary features from newer Mesa or even from the
older Mesa as is appropriate...  (CVS is good, love your CVS--until it
does something insanely stupid that is...  Then curse the hell out of it
and start editing CVS/* to fix its brain damage...)

> ps. I'm on a riva tnt, so the framerate is driver limited - that's why I
> keep getting exactly the same fps each time I'm running timedemo.

Yeah.  I can't exactly say the Riva drivers work all that hot.  In fact I
can say that Riva is not on my wishlist for a new video card.  I do want a
G400 MAX or a Voodoo5 (when they ship) though!  ;>

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