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Re: Quake is GPL

On Dec 24, Christian Kurz wrote:
> Please think about this again, after you read the emails from Eduardo
> and Nils. I currently set up a new mirror for Debian in Germany, but if
> we will have quake in the debian-archive, I will have to first the
> current laws here in germany and then maybe close the FTP-Server just
> because it may be illegal to distribute quake and the FTP-Server is
> located at the firm, where I work. So plese don't upload software in the
> debian-archives, that is/could be illegal in some countries.

I suspect that the part of Quake that the German authorities have a
problem with are the data files, not the game engine itself.

OTOH, we do need a "Banned-In" control field for packages, so we can
assist governments in their Quixotic endeavor to control the hearts
and minds of their citizens.

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