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On 16/12/99 Henrique M Holschuh wrote:

And I did. Rather easy to reproduce as well...

1. Open a xterm or rxvt (the bug happens in both)
2. give bash a command line longer than the terminal window, so that it
  has to wrap to the next line.
3. now run less on some file (mutt works as well).
3a.  while on less (mutt), resize the window
4. quit less
5. use bash's history recall feature (up arrow on most configs), and
  you'll see the bug at its worst.

So, it looks like bash does not inquire the terminal for its state when
it recovers control after a external command is run. Maybe it's something
else and not bash/readline's fault, but here's how to reproduce it.

I have noticed something similar but possibly not the same thing:

i use WindowMaker and have a few *terms open (it does with with rxvt and xterm) i have windowmaker save the session after i have put the terms where i want them and sized them the way i like, everything works fine till i log out and then login again later. all my terms are opned in the right places with the sizes i left them at, but if i read a man page or use less or mutt or joe and the like they open as if the term is sized at 80x24. now if i resize the term just a little bit then size it back everything is fixed instantly and permanently. (until next logout) one more note, that only things like joe or mutt are affected, tail, cat and bash's command line do not seem to have any problem with the size of the term.


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