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Re: CD split proposal

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 01:58:42PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> I propose:
>  1. Leave the FTP archive as-is, fundamentally.  There is no need
>     for separation there.
>  2. Separate the CD set into task-oriented CDs.  For instance:
>     * A Base CD, containing the installable stuff, libraries,
>       various other things.
>     * A games CD
>     * An X Apps CD.  Gnome, etc.
>     * A development CD.  gcc, gdb, python, etc.
>     * Servers CD.
>     Etc.  These may need to be adjusted based on size.  It is
>     basically a size-oriented extension of the task concept.

Maybe this isn't a bad idea. With the actual arrangement, you sometimes
don't know which CD to use, and we have two cd's only. Trying 4 Potato cd's
to find that foo app is not good.

>  3. Do this sepraation for both binaries and source.
>  4. Most important.  Make the first CD have a master index, and have
>     package utilities (apt-get?) know which CD the person needs
>     to install a given package.
> Obviously this will not occur for potato but it is a somewhat pressing 
> need.  Thoughts?

I know it's not accesible for the majority, but DVD should help here.
Suse is a 5 or 6 cd set (so non-free, but this has nothing to do). If I'm
not mistaken, latest release, 6.3 is available on 1 DVD disk.

Of course, we cannot count on everyone having a DVD when Woody is around, so
thinking about CD-based solutions is still needed, but DVD should solve a
fair bit of the problem.


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