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On Sun, 7 Nov 1999, Rodney Caston wrote:

> I feel the delay in the freeze a bad move on our part., I am to assume now
> that the 'on the shelf boxed' version of Debian oreilly plans to release
> is now going to be forced to include Debian 2.1 Slink. This is just not
> going to be able to compete with the newer redhat 6.x releases., It
> certainly isnt a good way  to start converting users to Debian, by trying
> to sell them a dist with packages that are all a year old.

Incidentally, I don't find converting users as a goal in our social

Our goal is to be an excellent free software operating system.  User
conversions aren't really part of it.  Which is not to say that that isn't
a personal goal of many of us.  But it's not a *project* goal, as far as I

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