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Re: Freeze Goals -- WAS: September release

Michael Stone wrote:
> I don't see that it's possible to that right now. Let's say that package
> X is a fairly new package with some pretty serious bugs. (It basically
> doesn't work.) Under the current structure, we have unstable, frozen,
> and stable. A broken package doesn't belong in stable, obviously, and we
> should kick it out of frozen if it doesn't look like it's fixable before
> release. But now you want to throw it out of unstable as well? We just
> don't have a mechanism for doing that. If you want to make a proposal,
> great. But I don't think that's something we can do this freeze.

My plan is to _mark_ such a package for removal, and then not count its
bugs in the release-critical bugs count.  Thus, the decision is made
in advance, but the package stays in potato until freeze time.

Obviously, if the bug is fixed in time, then the mark disappears.

Richard Braakman

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