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Re: Release status

Peter Makholm wrote:
> Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:
> >   - Bugs.  The number of release-critical bugs is over 200 and growing.
> I think 2 of them are mine. Both of them concerns just one feature of
> the package. If the bugs still exist at the freeze my plan is:
>  - Exclude the feature from the package
>  - File a wishlistbug to include it again
>  - Downgrade all bug concerning the feature to wishliststatus
>  - Merge all bug concerning the feature
>  - Kill the rest of the bugs in the package (if I can)

But the freeze time is not for fixing bugs we already know about -- we
can fix those right now.  It's for testing what we're about to release,
and fixing the bugs we find.  I do not plan to go into the freeze with
a significant number of release-critical bugs still open.

At freeze time, it will be too late to do what you propose; the package
will instead be removed from frozen.

> I think it's a good plan but if freeze date depends of the number of
> release critical bugs I probally should put it into work before.


Richard Braakman

P.S. I've reconsidered some things while writing this, and I'll write
them up soon.  Right now I just got back from vacation and I'm still
catching up on my mail.  But the point remains that the time to fix
bugs is right now.

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