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Re: Release status

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

[I wrote:]
> > I think 2 of them are mine. Both of them concerns just one feature of
> > the package. If the bugs still exist at the freeze my plan is:

> But the freeze time is not for fixing bugs we already know about -- we
> can fix those right now.

Read what I wrote again: "_If_ the bugs still ...."

If I could fix them without any problem I would have done that the day
I adopted the package.

If we make a new really-unstable I would be glad to remove the
packages from potato or at least upload a perfectly stable and almost
bugfree version for potato.

As long potato is unstable I don't think bugfixing by removing
features is the right way. 

I congratulate you. Happy goldfish bowl to you, to me, to everyone,
and may each of you fry in hell forever. 
                                    -- Isaac Asimov, "The Dead Past"

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