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Re: Why is ..... ? (/var/www, in this case)

David Welton wrote:
> I just want a FAQ that I can hand to people to say "this is why we did
> it this way".
> "If it makes sense to have web in /var, why isn't ftp there too?"  For
> example...
> We should document these things so that when we move on, people don't
> have to ask why we did it a particular way.  I don't have any problem
> at all with where /var/www is, that's just an example.

Agreed, a rationalle section in policy is sorely needed.

You can search for /var/www in the mailing list archive search for
debian-devel in Oct to Dec 96 and throughout '97 when this was all hashed
out to get a feel for why it happened this way. 

Personally, I think /var/www is a nasty violation of the fsstnd, which does
not allow random directories to be added to /var. It should really go deeped
in the hierarchy.

see shy jo

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