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Re: Developing

>>>>> "Jordan" == Jordan Evatt <jmevatt@truth.mccallie.org> writes:

    Jordan> Hello... I'm interested in developing or packaging
    Jordan> something for debian, to help the effort. I read
    Jordan> everything on the site about "taking over" someone else's
    Jordan> package or development, and that's why I'm sending this
    Jordan> email. Does anyone have any suggestions or places I can
    Jordan> start?  I've been using linux for about a year, and now
    Jordan> that I have everything in perfect working order, i want to
    Jordan> do something for the debian cause (or something like
    Jordan> that). Sooo... gimme something. I know a bit of c++
    Jordan> programming, and I can write webpages as well (not that it
    Jordan> matters), and i could learn how to use the debian
    Jordan> development tools real fast.

Feel free to take the xforms packages (libforms 0.86 and 0.88).. I
abandoned them some time ago since I don't use them at all, and
nobody's taken them over. :)

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