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RE: Why is ..... ? (/var/www, in this case)

On 02-Jun-99 David Welton wrote:
> Do we have any repository for rationales of "policy" decisions?  For
> instance, I'd like to see why we use /var/www, but I can't find that
> anywhere.  I think I have all the doc packages installed where it
> might be located, however, I'm not having any luck.
> It would be good to centralize something like this, so as to be able
> to easily reference these sorts of "why is .....?" questions.
> I don't see this in the FAQ, although it might make a good subsection,
> and policy doesn't seem to explain this sort of thing either,
> so... hmm don't know where it might go.

/var/www has been standard on web servers since early days.

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