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Re: evan leibovitch and the LPI certification tests

On Tue, May 18, 1999 at 10:17:11PM -0700, Erik wrote:
> Well, actualy i have semi-mass installed machines...I did 30 or so machines,
> all i really had to do was put all the packages i wanted to install into
> a single dir that i nfs mounted(from the base system).  i dpkg -i'd those with
> a program i wrote that parsed the output of dpkg, and gave the answers i
> specified.  Now, i admit this wasn't the best way to mass install, because 
> it did take me 10-20 minutes to get the base system installed, so this
> is probably too long for a company like VA, but it should be entirely possible 
> to mass install debian, if debian would put some work twords it.

dpkg needs some work before this will become feasible. Many people have
proposed ideas, but only one has done any work. Anyone know where doogie's
dconfig scripts are?

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