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Re: Perl 5.005 in potato

On Sun, May 09, 1999 at 10:47:16AM -0400, Zephaniah E. Hull wrote:
> IMHO we should not freeze until we have a number of things working,
> including fully functional boot disks, a cdrom generation setup, etc..

I agree with this. These are important things, and you can't do a dist
without them. Perl is really just another app. If gets in before the
important things are done, great. But I think that delaying releases
soley for the sake of having one more shiny new app is not good. There's
already a lot of new stuff in potato that would be great to release--why
should it all wait on perl? (And, for that matter, if perl is really so
important, why isn't it already done?)

Mike Stone

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