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Re: xbel instead (was Re: Intent to package: bookmng)

On Sun, Apr 25, 1999 at 04:18:22PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Has anyone looked at the XML Bookmark Exchange Language defined by the
> Python community?
> <URL:http://www.python.org/topics/xml/xbel/docs/html/xbel.html>
> It seems radically superiour basis to any of these hacked up,
> hard-coded bookmark management options I've seen, which are all going
> to break with Mozilla (which uses XML/RDF) anyhow.

Just wanted to add that XBEL including DTD and tools is already
shipped hidden within the python-xml package: Have a look at

Something like

  python ns_parse.py ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html >/tmp/bookmarks.xbel
  python xbel2html.py /tmp/bookmarks.xbel >/tmp/bookmarks.html

would convert your Netscape bookmarks into a common XBEL format (XBEL
being an XML document type) and then into a HTML page.

  python xbel_parse --lynx /tmp/lynx </tmp/bookmarks.xbel

would convert the bookmarks into lynx' format.

Where xbel2html.py has only 100 lines and is as configurable as it
could be.


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