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Re: xbel instead (was Re: Intent to package: bookmng)

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> Has anyone looked at the XML Bookmark Exchange Language defined by the
> Python community?
> <URL:http://www.python.org/topics/xml/xbel/docs/html/xbel.html>
> It seems radically superiour basis to any of these hacked up,
> hard-coded bookmark management options I've seen, which are all going
> to break with Mozilla (which uses XML/RDF) anyhow.

Sorry for the late response (I'm actually busy writing a report due on 
friday, but well ;).  But I do agree that going the XBEL way is IMHO
really best.  Look also at Norman Walsh's pages[1] for some nice
DSSSL/Jade stylesheets for XBEL (which even support Dynamic HTML if
one so chooses) for output to HTML.

BTW: I'm currently using his DocBook XML based Website DTD and
stylesheets to hack up a new personal site -- the URL below is sadly
only a very very outdated homepage, which I mostly kept to have a place 
to put some files from time to time that people asked me about... ;-(
But thanks to Norman Walsh, this is probably going to change during
the next month(s) (design is nearly finished, only the content is
missing ;).

Don't be alarmed at the somewhat bland look of his website, the
stylesheets allow you to really change the look of this radically in a 
matter of minutes (if you know Scheme/DSSSL, that is).  Great stuff.

So I'd definitely recommend that the Debian SGML group/person take a
look at packaging up some of this more XMLish stuff as well (maybe has 
already happened, haven't looked at potato for some weeks...), maybe
together with the DSSSL spec, which I think is freely available (could 
be wrong though, and it might not be DFSG-free)...

Yeah, I know, I should put my feet where my mouth is, and do it myself, but
did I mention I'm kind of busy at the moment ;) Hopefully the situation
will relax in the next month(s), and I'll be able to finish some Debian
packaging that I've been half-way into, and get my Debian-Application

So if nothing has happened on this front till then, or the SGML-people 
would appreciate some help in doing the packaging, I'm probably up for 

Regs, Pierre.

[1]  http://nwalsh.com

Pierre Mai <pmai@acm.org>               http://home.pages.de/~trillian/
  "One smaller motivation which, in part, stems from altruism is Microsoft-
   bashing." [Microsoft memo, see http://www.opensource.org/halloween1.html]

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