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Re: Intent to package: bookmng

	There's already a similar tool in Debian: bk2site, I packaged it a
whole back (February?) by request of some users, feel free to take a look at
it and remark the differences in the 'control' file.



On Sun, Apr 25, 1999 at 04:43:40PM +0100, Pedro Guerreiro wrote:
> Actually, I've packaged it already :)
> >From the homepage at http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~sariel/misc/bookmng.html:
> Bookmng is a small program that generates from netscape bookmarks file - 
> several html files that contains all the bookmarks in a hierarchical structure.
> The program is intended to enable you to easily publish your bookmarks, while
> supporting: (i) convenient hierarchical structure, with each page containing
> only several links (ii) linking from the outside into your bookmarks, and (iii)
> hiding parts of the bookmarks that are private. 
> I'll be uploading it in half an hour or so to
> http://w3.ualg.pt/~pmguerre/bookmng
> Until my application is processed :( all my packages will go to my homapage :)
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