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Intent to package: bookmng

Actually, I've packaged it already :)

>From the homepage at http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~sariel/misc/bookmng.html:

Bookmng is a small program that generates from netscape bookmarks file - 
several html files that contains all the bookmarks in a hierarchical structure.
The program is intended to enable you to easily publish your bookmarks, while
supporting: (i) convenient hierarchical structure, with each page containing
only several links (ii) linking from the outside into your bookmarks, and (iii)
hiding parts of the bookmarks that are private. 

I'll be uploading it in half an hour or so to

Until my application is processed :( all my packages will go to my homapage :)
Pedro Guerreiro (aka digito)    (pguerreiro@bigfoot.com)
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