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Problems with MPI and ScaLAPACK (was: Intent to package: BLACS and ScaLAPACK)


today I uploaded blacs-{mpi,pvm}, scalapack-doc and
scalapack-pvm. scalapack-mpi is missing as I did not manage to
produce a working test app for scalapack and mpi or blacs and
mpi. The same app worked with a few changes for pvm and it worked
with mpi under Solaris.

I tried the versions of mpich for slink and potato and did not
succeed. The source package of scalapack does generated a
scalapack-mpi though. I'd like if somebody with more knowledge on
mpi could test this and either tell me that it is working or 
give some more information about the problems.

What I know know is that the program terminates in the MPI_Init 
call. If you're interested I could give some more detailed 
information about the app and the compiler options, but perhaps 
this should be done with private mails.


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