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Re: [Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>] Re: Debian & BSD concerns

On Thu, Feb 25, 1999 at 08:31:03AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > > you don't have to use binary-only drivers if you don't want to. you
> > > can ignore their existence entirely.
> >
> > You sometimes have no choice.  Modern video cards are all under NDA.  
> > Want 3D?  Tough, it's under NDA.  No free drivers.  Want DVD video?   
> it's your choice to buy that card. if you want free drivers, then buy a
> card which has them.

And if no card has them, well tough---you're the one who wants a video
card, right?

> > Under NDA, there is early development for one of the decoder cards but
> > it will be binary only.  Creative Labs is releasing all binary-only
> > drivers and recruited one of us to write them.  I could go on, but if
> > you aren't going to get the point you aren't going to get it.
> who cares? you don't have to use the non-free driver if you don't want
> to.
> buy a different card.  and write to creative telling them WHY you bought
> from a competitor.

Name one video card made today with 3D that has full specs available to
anyone asking for them.  No, not even Matrox.

> > > only if you choose to use them.
> > 
> > only if you have a choice.
> you have a choice, regardless of whether or not it's one you
> particularly want to make. difficult choices are an inevitable part of
> life.
> buy a different card.  live without the latest 3d game (very few of which
> actually run under linux anyway).

There you go.  You have already assumed that my purpose for a 3D card is
the latest 3D game and tehrefore irrelivant anyway.  If I need a 3D card
and there are none with free drivers, well what does it matter if I'm
just playing games with it?

What if I'm not doing games?  Then what?

> > Ahh, right.  Well, I'll tell you what...  You show me a driver for
> > a DVD decoder that is not binary only.  There is at least one being
> > developed, but the author is under NDA.
> what has that got to do with the GPL?
> all that this proves is that one particular problem has not attracted
> anyone with enough time/interest/skill to solve it yet.
> if you really want a free dvd driver, then reverse engineer the
> binary-only driver and start writing it. yes, that IS hard work - Free
> Software isn't the same thing as a Free Lunch.

It's also illegal in my police state to reverse engineer software
protected by IP laws..  You are advocating I do something illegal because
the company will not?

"Do you think she's the sincere type? ... Yeah, I was afraid of that."
                        -- Richie Ryan, Highlander: The Series

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