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This matters why? (Was: Orcas are homosexual!)

On Wed, Feb 24, 1999 at 03:02:06PM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> > btw, incest and homosexuality are hardly in the same class. incest is
> > the rape of a child by an adult who is supposed to be looking out for
> > their welfare. homosexuality is a private matter between two or more
> > consenting adults.
> 3 month old Orca males were observed initiating sex with their mothers.
> Rape?  Indeed.  Then there were observed homosexual threesomes among 2
> juveniles and a much older Orca.  *cough*.

To ask the obvious question, WTH does it matter if Orcas are bisexual or
not?  I certainly didn't know this wonderful bit of trivia before now,
nor did I much care to know, though the next time I go to a party and
someone mentions whales I'll have to be sure to mention it as I know
everyone is just dying to know...

Not only is it completely irrelivant, but it sure looks like pretty
obvious flame bait to me.

"Do you think she's the sincere type? ... Yeah, I was afraid of that."
                        -- Richie Ryan, Highlander: The Series

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