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Re: Debian's ultimate size (was Re: Debian & BSD concerns)

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

> RMS wants us to adopt the GNU philosophy entirely, and strive for a
> completely copylefted future where proprietary software would be shut
> out.  It's a nice vision, but it's fundamentally at odds with what
> Debian has actually been doing.  We're a bit too greedy to look a gift
> horse (e.g. BSD licensed software) in the mouth.  I think that's the
> reason for the GNU/Debian split in the first place.

Are you seriously advocating that we compromise on the principles that
have bought us this far because of some mythical "developer
enthusiasm"?  Suffice it to say that I do not share this opinion!

I view non-free as a somewhat necessary evil while we wait for
equivolent free software to pop up to provide the functionality of
some of those things.

We already have the functionality of the kernel, so I am unsure what
we gain by going with something with a worse license.

I would be much less unhappy if we were to add support for a GPL'd
kernel!  (mklinux anyone?)  I would probably still view it as
unnecessary (depending on the particular kernel) but I would not be
opposed to it.


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