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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd (+binary compatablity?)

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On 22 Feb 1999 20:05:00 +0200, Kai Henningsen wrote:

>morpheus@rpglink.com (Steve Lamb)  wrote on 18.02.99 in <[🔎] E10DklK-0004Ru-00@teleute.rpglink.com>:
>> On Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:29:45 +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
>> >e.g. many will still try to claim that freebsd's networking code is
>> >better/faster than linux'. it was, years ago. linux has been beating
>> >freebsd in network performance for years.
>>     OK, playing devil's advocate here for a moment.  If that is the case,
>> then why do we constantly see FreeBSD breaking records on ftp.cdrom.com
>> while Red Hat, at Comdex, was balancing the load over several, more
>> powerful, machines at a lower threshhold than the max on cdrom.com?

>Maybe because they have different policies?

>How does the actual performance compare, from a user's point of view,  
>between the Red Hat and the cdrom.com servers?

>Somehow, I suspect that a server maxed out enough to break records is  
>*not* what I'd like as a user.

    Again, someone who missed the point completely.  Let me restate it
again, and this is why I quoted everything, again.

    Craig Sanders wrote that "linux has been beating freebsd in network
performance for years."  I pointed out that FreeBSD is constantly breaking
records on ftp.cdrom.com and, this is the case that got thrown in my face at
work, repeatedly, Red Hat load balanced across several, more powerful servers.

    IE, I am looking for *FACTS* to back up Craig Sanders' assertation that
Linux network code *IS* superior to FreeBSD code.  I'm not looking for
reasons why Red Hat did what it did, I'm looking for counter examples, with
figures.  Until that is provided, no matter how much crowing *ANYONE* does
about the network code, you'll not convince a lot of people that are asking
that tough question.  "FreeBSD does this in production, what does Linux do?"

    And off the record, I was on ftp.cdrom.com that day, it was fine.  Who
said maxed out?  I didn't.  The article I later cited didn't.  C'mon, where
are the numbers so I can throw it back at my coworkers and get them off my
back for being one of the few people in the office who is running *any*
flavor of Linux instead of FreeBSD.

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