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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

Andreas Tille wrote:
> In this sense only the "bee-logo" fits my idea
> of a logo for Debian.  The bee fits also my idea of having something
> in common with the project, if we think of many busy bees working
> on a common project.

Some more reasons why I like the bee logo:

- It's a verbal pun. A 'D' with a 'bee' over it. "Dee bee (an)"
  This really sticks in your head once you get it.
- One bee seen in front of a bee hive naturally calls more bees to mind.
  And like you said those bee's represent the developers.
- The hexegons of the bee hive represent packages that are put together to
  make something bigger.

see shy jo

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