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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

Yes, exactly.  I have used FreeBSD.  What do we have to offer them,
honestly?  Frankly, they have a lot to offer US.  Their One Central CVS
Tree, for instance.  make world is a wondrous thing.  It ensures the system
never gets inconsistent with regard to libraries and such.  Ditto for "make

I like knowing that, if the binary is on my system, then so is the source.
Debian comes in close second, because I know I can always get the source
from our website, unlike other Linux dists where I have to hunt stuff down.

Also, the FreeBSD install is VERY nice.


On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Chris Waters wrote:

> Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> > I don't know if the FreeBSD people will like the idea of you
> > ``hijacking'' their kernel, throwing a bunch of GPLed software on top
> > of it, and calling it a distribution.
> If they don't want it "hijacked", they should use a license that forbids
> hijacking.  It would be preposterous for them to object to a GPL'd
> version when they don't object to proprietary versions.
> Nevertheless, it would probably be wise to talk to them before leaping
> into it.  The fact that they've already fragmented into three separate
> camps implies that there may be some volatile personalities involved.
> :-)
> > Think of what KIMP did for both the GIMP and KDE projects.
> I wasn't involved, but my impression was that KIMP was considered to
> violate the GIMP license, which is a very different situation.
> Ultimately, we can do it or not as we choose.  But if we talk to them,
> maybe we can arrange to do it without creating yet another fork in the
> BSD community.  Maybe.  And that begs the question: do we really *want*
> to do this?  From what I hear, the BSDers are pretty happy with their
> ports system.  I'm not sure if Debian BSD would interest many people.
> *shrug*
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