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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Correct. I agree a logo may be a set of letters, but it must be *unique*,
> that means, the letters are created for just this special purpose. Any
> existing font on your font directory is inacceptable.
> A good example is the PIXAR logo. It is basically just letters, but the
> style is unique.
> So, don't use the TEXT feature of GIMP while creating the logo.
I agree completely.  But we should keep in mind that a logo is made
to attract people.  In my opinion you can attract people more with
living things than with letters.  Thats wy I prefer the idea of
an animal with exception of the penguin and the gnu.  They should
be reserved for their own project but they should serve as a good
example for a logo.  In this sense only the "bee-logo" fits my idea
of a logo for Debian.  The bee fits also my idea of having something
in common with the project, if we think of many busy bees working
on a common project.  Once more let us decide *what* we want to
make to the thing/animal which has something in common with the
project and let all the busy designers develop the one which we all
would like.  Or vote for a text logo in general, if we decide to
be very serious without a bit of fun and make the logo technical.

The what is importand.  I can't understand why there where lots of
posting whether to gimp or not to gimp.  It is not reasonable
to say to the joiner:  Build me a furniture and use a hammer, but
only a hammer.  I think its better to say: Hey joiner, I need a
table, a nice table and no other kind of furniture.  If you need
a hammer for that its OK but if you need another tool you can
take it, too.

Kind regards


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