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Re: [RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> Some more reasons why I like the bee logo:
> - It's a verbal pun. A 'D' with a 'bee' over it. "Dee bee (an)"
>   This really sticks in your head once you get it.
> - One bee seen in front of a bee hive naturally calls more bees to mind.
>   And like you said those bee's represent the developers.
> - The hexegons of the bee hive represent packages that are put together to
>   make something bigger.
It seems me that I had a good idea today in the morning to bring
up this discussion.  In my opinion it is to early to decide for the
bee until not more people offered their vote, but I think now we
will get a straight line to a good logo.

Assume must people vote for the bee (or the orca or another idea)
let us rewrite our logo contest.  If the bee will be the choice,
in my opinion the creator of the bee hast to be the winner of the
idea-contest for sure.  Mover I would like to give more painters
the chance to draw their very own bee logo to take part in the
  debian-bee-logo-drawing-contest  (to gimp or not to gimp is the
remainding question ...).  This may or may not lead us to the
optimum logo which shows "our animal" which has much in common with

Kind regards


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