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Re: RFC: new network config

Hello Christian.

On Sun, 7 February 1999 21:11:55 +0000, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Ok, it is really a matter of taste.

To a certain extent / degree (my english...) it surely is.

> So I would say, this is a perfect compromiss, isn't it ?

Oh, it sure is. Until Michael Shields came up with his
article (thanks, Michael, I needed something like this
for a private project anyway <g>)...

It is (of course) more readable to have just one-liner,
seperated by "\", no problem. But it strikes me as being
a bit more error-prone (sp?) than a clear syntax that
is just plain and straight-forward.

But my mind is hardly objective in this case. I think
bind 8 config files are simple, others think they are
complicated. I alone may be complicated here.. :)



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