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Re: RFC: new network config

On Sun, 7 February 1999 10:39:34 +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> not really.  a single line could do it just as well.  e.g.
> iface=eth0 ip= mask= ipx_net=00000010
> iface=eth1 dhcpclient=true
> iface=eth2 ip= prefix=/16
> iface=sm0  ip= mask= callsign=VK3TYD delaystartup=true

Looks awful. Hard to maintain if you edit this line with vi and
word wrap or something anyway. Besides, what is the problem with
Mike's approach. Bind configs are that way (and I *like* them),
many of the inn[feed] configs are that way, it is some kind of
standard (the braces at least) anyway..

> i.e. it's a matter of form, not function or capability.

This one has quite some more functionality (sp?) than does your
approach with the fixed string have, right?


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