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Re: RFC: new network config

On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 03:50:39PM +0000, Alexander Koch wrote:
> > iface=eth0 ip= mask= ipx_net=00000010
> > iface=eth1 dhcpclient=true
> > iface=eth2 ip= prefix=/16
> > iface=sm0  ip= mask= callsign=VK3TYD delaystartup=true
> Looks awful. Hard to maintain if you edit this line with vi and
> word wrap or something anyway. Besides, what is the problem with
Ok, it is really a matter of taste.

But just before I thought you have convinced me, I got another idea:
What about the following. It looks nearly exact like the nameD way you
proposed but it has the following advantages:

a) it is as good readable like the BIND (with '{' and '}') way
b) it is a common unix standard, too
c) it gives you the possibility to work with one-liner, too

interface eth2 \
	ip= \
	netmask= \

interface eth2 \

So I would say, this is a perfect compromiss, isn't it ?

> Alexander
read you,

> "Settle down, boys.  There's pain enough for everyone in net.*."

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