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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain


>>>>> Jim Pick writes:

 JP> The only problem is, for libgnome, the library might end up
 JP> looking like:

 JP>   libgnomeui-31-esd0-glib1.1.3-gtk1.1.3-imlib1.so

 JP> Gawd knows what I'd name the package as.

No kidding.

 JP> It's just a variation on the bumping the soname idea.

I'm now convinced that the problem can't be solved without changing
ld.so.  I have some ideas about how this could be done... I'll do some
experimentation, then chat with the glibc folks (who tend to be pretty
anal about elegance, so if we come up with a solution that works,
it'll be as elegant as it can be).

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