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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain

I've followed this thread with interest, as I decided to try out gnome at
the weekend, and ended up in a world of pain, as the saying goes. So I'd
like to make a suggestion on a stopgap measure until a more permanent (and
generic) solution is found.

Why not make sure all gnome libs and apps are reasonably compatible with
each other (all apps being compiled against the same libs), before being
put into the main archive? As it stands now you have some libs which are
updated more often than the apps (or other linked libs) can be recompiled
against the new versions. Perhaps setting up an announce list for gnome
packagers to inform them that they should recompile their packages against
the new version.

To try and keep debian up with the rapid development of gnome and other
such fast-evolving projects is asking for trouble. IMHO it is better to
skip a few versions and maintain (reasonable) stability and comaptability.

As usual I stand open to criticism and barrages of rotting fruit'n'veg.


On Mon, Feb 01, 1999 at 21:10 -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> Hi!
> >>>>> Jim Pick writes:
>  JP> The only problem is, for libgnome, the library might end up
>  JP> looking like:
>  JP>   libgnomeui-31-esd0-glib1.1.3-gtk1.1.3-imlib1.so
>  JP> Gawd knows what I'd name the package as.
> No kidding.
>  JP> It's just a variation on the bumping the soname idea.
> I'm now convinced that the problem can't be solved without changing
> ld.so.  I have some ideas about how this could be done... I'll do some
> experimentation, then chat with the glibc folks (who tend to be pretty
> anal about elegance, so if we come up with a solution that works,
> it'll be as elegant as it can be).
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