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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain

On 1 Feb 1999, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

>  JG> Exactly what I mentioned during the libtool thread, however that
>  JG> doesn't seem to be important. Ideally we could have a
>  JG> /usr/lib/gnome-compat dir <lol>
> Bwahahahahah! :D

My thoughts exactly :> We are going to do this again when libstdc++3.0
comes out and repeatedly for the gnome/gtk things
> If we made every library automatically bump its soname when it was
> linked against different dependents, and we had managed to convince
> our Chapeau Rouge compatriots to do the same, we would all be running
> nice, compatible systems without any weird linker magic.

Sounds like a nice libtool feature, after all this is not a linux specific
> There is apparantly an EGCS patch called libapi, available in the
> Debian egcs package, which is supposed to implement the above.
> Adopting and improving this patch would definitely solve your GNOME
> problems, Jim.

Can you give us some pointers? This sounds like a good thing for the gnome
people to adopt upstream as well..


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