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Re: Mesa and 3Dfx

"James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:

> I have noticed a lot of people are losing interest in 3dfx lately,
> including many people who own cards that say they will never buy
> another one again.  Hopefully the company will get their act
> together before it is too late.

One of their biggest problems is that RIVA (and now ATI) are getting
close to providing the performance of a *pair* of dedicated Voodoo2
cards in the machine while also giving you excellent 2D performance,
larger displays, and better image quality at less than 1/3 the cost
(or so I gather: www.tomshardware.com)...

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> PGP=E80E0D04F521A094 532B97F5D64E3930

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