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Re: Mesa and 3Dfx

On 8 Jan 1999, Rob Browning wrote:

> "James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:
> > I have noticed a lot of people are losing interest in 3dfx lately,
> > including many people who own cards that say they will never buy
> > another one again.  Hopefully the company will get their act
> > together before it is too late.
> One of their biggest problems is that RIVA (and now ATI) are getting
> close to providing the performance of a *pair* of dedicated Voodoo2
> cards in the machine while also giving you excellent 2D performance,
> larger displays, and better image quality at less than 1/3 the cost
> (or so I gather: www.tomshardware.com)...

I have also heard very good things about the RAGE 128, which has
(according to www.macosrumors.com) shown the best Quake performance to
date.  Although it's not cheap.

Point is, 3dfx and glide are probably dead-end technologies.  Currently,
if I had any money, it would be on RAVE as the architecture to watch
(particularly since it Quicktime uses it.  Here's hoping that the
open-source contingent inside Apple manage to persuade them to OS
quicktime and qt3d - that would be really very nice indeed)


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