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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 01:40:09PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> If you arn't willing to compromise and to back down when the majority is
> against you, you are not suited to be project leader. I would be much
> happier with a project leader who I differed with on a few areas, but who I
> knew would accespt the consensus of the group and admit when he was wrong,
> than I would be with a project leader with many good ideas, but who isn't
> willing to listen to others.

What my beliefs are have nothing directly to do with what the general
consensus is. That being said it would be understandle for me to have one
belief yet pass jusdgement in favor of the general opinions of the
developers. The project leader does not have to agree with a consensus, he
merely needs to uphold it.

The fact that this is only an idea and not a proposal or resolution means
it shouldn't be taken as a final word. And just because I wont sway on
this (and I point out that you haven't either) at your discretion, doesn't
mean I am wrong, it means we have a difference of opinion, one which I do
not intend to change.

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