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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

On Sun, Dec 13, 1998 at 12:42:41PM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> That's why I would like to know who will support some projects, and who will
> do the necessary so that they'll become reality. Here are the projects
> I would like to see achieved :
> - Ben Collins idea : no unstable fork before deep-freeze

> - creation of a "Bug Group" who could manage the Bug Database without fearing
>   a maintainer blame. This group should manage "important" and "critical"
>   bugs not only during freeze but also while beeing in unstable... in this 
>   way when the freeze start, there won't be to much release-critical bugs.
>   This group could also organize "bug's party" on IRC in order to
>   clean up the BTS of a specific package (like it has already be done
>   for ppp).

> - APT beeing finished :-)
not up to me or the dpl :) but i guess as the dpl i could give it priority
to see what the apt group might need to get it done, possibly rally up
some volunteers to help with the project, maybe - if time permits -
volunteer some myself.

> - Configuration management with internationalization support (I didn't speak
>   of that but I wanted to...)
configuration management is pretty important, to be honest i'm not too
familiar with any projects having to do with this...but i will look into

> - Simplification of the installation (enhanced boot disks)...
yes, i'm working on a hands free installation as we speak for debian. this
is for my employer, but the results will end up in the boot disks
maintainers email :)

> The one who will support all this will have my vote :-) And "support" does
> mean : do the right things in order to achieve them... ;-)

Well, I think that these things being obviously all important, all the
nominees will no doubt support them. To what extent the dpl's authority
will allow them to do so if elected is decided by alot more factors. 
Mainly by some one actually doing it, volunteers are needed to handle the
project workload, and agreement that this is priority is left up to a
consensus by the maintainers. A good DPL will will try to sway ppl to give
certain projects priority that he feels are more important (definition of
a project leader no doubt).

Myself I think that the bug fixes are priority, you can't build onto a
buggy system, else we are no better than other OS's that grew faster than
the were fixed (there are actually more than just Windows). After the bugs
are under control, they must remain so (hey, why clean your house if you
aren't going to keep it clean :). When that is done, then innovation can

I've only given a few ideas as to how this can be accomplished. Obviously
it wont happen over night, it will require other ideas, by the DPL and by


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