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DPLs : what do you think about ...


the choice beetween the possible DPLs is very difficult. I like
Ben Collins's ideas, I like Joseph Carter's enthusiasm and I like Wichert's
experience. :-)

That's why I would like to know who will support some projects, and who will
do the necessary so that they'll become reality. Here are the projects
I would like to see achieved :
- Ben Collins idea : no unstable fork before deep-freeze
- creation of a "Bug Group" who could manage the Bug Database without fearing
  a maintainer blame. This group should manage "important" and "critical"
  bugs not only during freeze but also while beeing in unstable... in this 
  way when the freeze start, there won't be to much release-critical bugs.
  This group could also organize "bug's party" on IRC in order to
  clean up the BTS of a specific package (like it has already be done
  for ppp).
- APT beeing finished :-)
- Configuration management with internationalization support (I didn't speak
  of that but I wanted to...)
- Simplification of the installation (enhanced boot disks)...

The one who will support all this will have my vote :-) And "support" does
mean : do the right things in order to achieve them... ;-)

Hertzog Raphaël ¤ 0C4CABF1 ¤ http://www.mygale.org/~hra/

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