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Slink and Potato (was Re: Filesystem and archive changes)

Joseph Carter said:

> Slink is down to around 50 bugs, it's time to start talking about what we
> want to do with potato.

I disagree...

Slink was supposed to be frozen in mid-October, to be released in 
mid-November, so it could be out and available by now.  We've had a 
bumpy freeze (like usual), and now it's mid-December.

I'm afraid that if we start concentrating on potato, those last 50 bugs 
will not go away, and slink won't get out the door.

I suggest a hard-date be set for the near future (say, Jan 1 1999), a 
push be made to fix those last, remaining bugs before that time, and 
the release be made then.

-Then- we can worry about potato without a problem.


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