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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> That's why I would like to know who will support some projects, and who will
> do the necessary so that they'll become reality. Here are the projects
> I would like to see achieved :

> - Ben Collins idea : no unstable fork before deep-freeze

This would be technical decision.  It would stall software development.
It would only end up in overfilled incoming directories or non-debian
archives of unstable - i.e. upcoming - Debian packages provided by the

> - creation of a "Bug Group" who could manage the Bug Database without fearing
>   a maintainer blame. This group should manage "important" and "critical"
>   bugs not only during freeze but also while beeing in unstable... in this 
>   way when the freeze start, there won't be to much release-critical bugs.
>   This group could also organize "bug's party" on IRC in order to
>   clean up the BTS of a specific package (like it has already be done
>   for ppp).

Please check out the archives and find out the purpose of debian-qa and what
has resulted in creation the list debian-qa@lists.debian.org.  I'm sure that
you're subscribing there and start your bug hunt.  I appreciate this very

> - APT beeing finished :-)

This is nothing the project leader could do in any way.  Even if you would
vote Jason Gunthorpe as project leader it won't help, even worse it would
keep him off of apt, probably.

> - Configuration management with internationalization support (I didn't speak
>   of that but I wanted to...)

This is nothing the project leader could do in any way.  This has
to be done by the developers.  I'm happy to read that you're planning
to spend some time on this.

> - Simplification of the installation (enhanced boot disks)...

This also has nothing to do with the project leader.  I'm very
happy to also read that you're going to help the boot floppies
team to help simplifying the installation process.

> The one who will support all this will have my vote :-) And "support" does
> mean : do the right things in order to achieve them... ;-)

I don't think any of the current candidates would say no to any of
your whishes.  So they would all three have your vote.  Oh, they
won't be able to implement everything, so nobody gets your vote?

Hups, I must have misunderstood something...


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