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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

Previously Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> That's why I would like to know who will support some projects, and who will
> do the necessary so that they'll become reality. Here are the projects
> I would like to see achieved :

Please note that a DPL can't make something happen. What he can do is try to
focus people on issues and channel efforts.

> - Ben Collins idea : no unstable fork before deep-freeze

I can see both advantages and disadvantages to this problem.  A while ago
there was a discussion on a new setup for our archive. And just now there is
again talk of changing the current list of sections in the archive. We also
just had a good discussion on tagging packages which have export problems.
It might be a better idea to start with a new discussion on the setup of our
archives and take this along.

> - creation of a "Bug Group" who could manage the Bug Database without fearing
>   a maintainer blame.

A couple of months ago there was a request (if I remember it was from Ian
Jackson) for volunteers to help maintain the bugtracking system. He was
looking for volunteers in three groups: people to manage the BTS code,
people to manage the data in the BTS and a third group that I can't
remember just now. Apparently there was a a real lack of response on that
request, since I have never seen a reaction on it. 

This group should manage "important" and "critical"

>   This group could also organize "bug's party" on IRC in order to
>   clean up the BTS of a specific package (like it has already be done
>   for ppp).

Look for a post on debian-devel with the title `BugSquashing Party'

> - APT beeing finished :-)

A new version of the apt code (apt3) is in CVS and is already being used
by a couple of people. It fixes most (of not all) outstanding bugs,
and adds things like multi-CD support. Work gnome-apt seems to be coming
along as well. 

> - Configuration management with internationalization support (I didn't speak
>   of that but I wanted to...)

We just decided to move to the debian-admintool list for that. I'm waiting
a while for everyone who wants to participate to be subscribed to that
list and then we'll continue with that.

> - Simplification of the installation (enhanced boot disks)...

This is related to the previous point as well, since that should add the
support for less and non-interactive installation. mkhybrid seems to
be working now as well, and it would be nice if we could use that on the new
Debian CD's to offer multiple kernels on a single CD (normal, fast, laptop,
SMP). Another thing that would be nice to do is special installation
methods for things like clusters and labrooms. A couple of people have
already done this, but so far noone has made a package of that (it is very
hard to package as well).

> The one who will support all this will have my vote :-) And "support" does
> mean : do the right things in order to achieve them... ;-)

Of course all this needs to be done by developers, not by the DPL.


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