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Re: Beer and such, was: Re: Nomination

On Fri, Dec 11, 1998 at 12:16:35AM +0100, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> Weizen is one of my favorits. Don't be offended, but American beer is
> kind of thin lemonade in my eyes. Brewery is an art. I have yet to see 
> a good American beer.
> Oops, hopefully this doesn't start another flamewar...
Well maybe you should be more careful what you write then. Saying American
beer is no good is like saying all Europeans drink Lowenbrau. Just because
you have never seen good American beer does not mean it doesn't exist.

There are a growing number of small breweries all over North America
that are making good beer. You may also be rather surprised that home
brewing is very strong. I, for example, was brewing beer for a number
of years in the '80s and only sold the equipment when I moved to a hot
apartment. Hmmm, now that I have a house with a nice cool basement....

The Reinheitsgebot is a good thing to keep commercial beer operations
from playing games (*). Blindly limiting yourself to it is silly.
How else can you learn but by experimenting? The friends of the first
person to roast barley probably thought he was a nut. And what about
hops? Are you going to tell me that throwing some weeds into your
wort doesn't sound stupid?

Jay Treacy

(*)Budweiser is the king of this. It takes only $.03 US of ingredients to
make a 12oz bottle of 'Bud' (hint: rice is very cheap). Personally, I think
it tastes like piss (well, what I imagine piss tastes like). If you happen
to like light lagers, though, there is nothing wrong with it.

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